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The Right To Read Initiative is a place for individuals to get information related to the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Right to Read Public Inquiry’s Recommendations.

It provides information to help advocate for and support the transition from a Whole Language or Balanced Literacy approach to reading instruction to one based on Structured Literacy or the Science of Reading.

On this site you will find the following information:

This links a variety of reports related to the #RightToRead including the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Right To Read Public Inquiry and other major reports related to best practices for teaching reading.

More information about the Right To Read Initiative and how it started.

Dr. Kathryn Garforth frequently does live webinars where she has conversations with others about the R2R Recommendations and with teachers who are employing Structured Literacy or Science of Reading practices in their classrooms.

An index of previous live conversations to reference and refer to in the future.

Information for how to get in contact with members of the Right to Read Initiative.

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